So, you're interested in one of our creations. Here's what you need to know, and we'll try to make this process as painless as possible.
As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words". So it will help immensely if you have a drawing of the design that you want us to bring to life (be it art of your character, or a character sheet). A photo would also do the job with providing reference to your design.

Of course, you can also give us detailed written descriptions instead (and no detail is too small, so don't be afraid to get right down to the specifics here) and we'll work with you along the way to best bring your ideas to life.

Once we have finalized details on your commissio, a contract is drawn up (both for your and our protection) and as soon as we received and confirmed the initial payment amount, work will begin right away!

We aim to have a turn-around time of roughly 6 to 8 weeks from when we have received and confirmed your initial payment for your commission for the more labour intensive tasks (such as a partial or full fursuit/mascot), and quicker (within a week or 2) for simpler items (such as tails and ears). The finished commission will then be shipped as soon as final payment on the balance is made.

Products that are currently available from the TiggyWorkz workshop:

Please take in mind that as these are all custom, made-to-order creations, prices listed here are only a rough guide as the final cost depends on the complexity of the design, the cost of the materials (if special orders for materials need to be made) etc.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars, and does not include shipping and handling costs.

Ranging from NZ$ 25.00 to NZ$ 50.00, depending on complexity Want horns to go with your ears? They start from NZ$ 20.00

For a basic single-coloured design (e.g. feline or canine) - From NZ$ 50.00
More complex/multi-coloured shaped design (e.g. dragon) - From NZ$ 150.00 onwards.

Paws (front and feet)
Basic pair of gloved type hand-paws, basic colour pattern up to elbow length - From NZ$ 50.00
Hand-paws with claws and paw-pads, more complex patterns (such as sewn stripes or spots) - From NZ$ 150.00 onwards
Basic pair of feet-paws, basic colour pattern, suitable for outdoor use - From NZ$ 75.00
Feet-paws with claws and more complex patterns (such as sewn stripes or spots), or hooves - From NZ$ 150.00 onwards


We use the balaclava type head/mask construction as it gives a comfortable and flexible fit. There are several key components which gives each head/mask its uniqueness and style:

Static - The jaw does not move and will be kept in the same pose. Much simpler to construct and more forgiving in terms of fit. It gives the head/mask a more "toony" look and feel.

Moving - The jaw moves with the wearer's lower jaw. It requires a much more precise fit in order for this feature to work properly. It gives it a more realistic or "in-between" feel compared to a static jaw.

2D (static) eyes - It will only appear to be looking at the same direction as where the wearer is looking at. It gives the head/mask a more "toony" look and feel.
3D eyes - Also called "follow-me" eyes, it adds depth to the eye/pupil and gives the illusion that the head/mask is looking back at you omni-directionally (i.e. it appears to follow the viewer no matter which angle you're viewing the head/mask from). It gives it a more realistic or "in-between" feel compared to the "toony" look.

Give your character some extra character by giving it a hairdo! Add head-fur features with basic fur materials (generally longer-pile fur), or we can use a wig and style it.

There are also other features that can be added, for example:
Whiskers are a great idea for feline-type characters.
A pair of horns for ungulates, such as a deer or gazelle.
Prices starts from NZ$ 500.00 for a basic head/mask (2D/static eyes, static jaw and basic features/colour patterns).

The body/bodysuit is one of the major components to a full fursuit/mascot commission, or you can choose to wear it by itself to lounge around in on a cold winter's night. There are 2 major options when it comes to building your bodysuit.

Made to Measure
We will tailor the bodysuit from the measurements that you have sent us (we'll provide you with a list of measurements that's needed once the commission process has started). Obviously the more accurate the measurement, the better fitting the bodysuit will be. If you're going for the more "toony" look and feel (i.e. a slightly looser/baggier fit) for your character, then this option will be sufficient.

Made to Fit
If you want a much better/tighter fit for your bodysuit or going for a more realistic look and feel (especially if you want to add body features (i.e. chest paddings) or having a more defined shape), then this is the option for you. The best way to do that is arrange a visit to our workshop so we can take the most accurate measurements off you as possible. If you live too far away from where we are located (well, say in a different country), we can also work off a duct-tape dummy of you in which case, you'll have to send in a duct-tape dummy of yourself.
Want to add more details to the bodysuit? No problems, we can add features such as chest/hip paddings (i.e. a female character for a male wearer), to sewn stripes or spots details on the suit.
Prices starts from NZ$ 400.00 for a basic patterned/coloured bodysuit.

Partial Package

A partial package consists of the following:
- Head/Mask
- Tail
- Full set of hand and feet paws
Prices starts from NZ$ 900.00

Full/Complete Package
A full/complete package consists of the following:
- Head/Mask
- Full bodysuit with tail (attached to the bodysuit or as a separate piece)
- Full set of hand and feet paws
Prices starts from NZ$ 1600.00

As mentioned above, prices ultimately depends on how complex you want your character to be. Sewn spots or stripes will obviously add to the cost as they are quite labour intensive, but well worth it over airbrushed options (as they will not fade away over time). It will also depend on the material, as different colour/pattern fur are priced differently. Softer more realistic premium fur will also incur a higher cost.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and for a quote.